We work to deliver what you need and where possible, in the timescales that you need it. The contract basis may be time and materials or a fixed project or programme price, subject to specific circumstances. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to the following:


Our IT process, infrastructure, continuity and security (DevSecOps) automation eliminate tedious and repetitive error prone tasks to better serve and protect your business and customers.


We are product agnostic, working with the most appropriate services, technologies and platforms for your specific needs, whether that be Azure, AWS, Private or Hybrid Cloud or Containers.

Security & Compliance

We will help you embed DevSecOps practices into development discipline. User Account Management, Escalation Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, PCI DSS, SOC2,  ISO 27001.

Delivery & Service Wrap

Hands-on DevOps Workshops, DevOps Maturity Assessments, Cloud and DevOps Adoption Strategy and Optimisation, Continuous Delivery Strategy, Team Construction & Alignment, Managed Services.

Astillion offers a complete end to end DevOps and Cloud adoption service as part of a programme or project. We can also provide resources to fulfil specific skills gaps within this sphere. Please contact us to chat through your specific situation, needs and timescales.

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Containers are still a buzz word today and one I think we will see die out in the not too distant future and here are my reasons for thinking that.
Testing does not need to be a tedious burden that delays releases. Building an automated framework to facilitate testing early and often in the SDLC as part of a CI/CD pipeline is working smart.