Astillion – DevSecOps Specialists

Whilst there is an argument for introducing DevSecOps early in the software development lifecycle, there is no point in stifling creativity. There is a pragmatic balance to be achieved between making something work in a prototype and making it secure and compliant for use with live or sensitive data.

New World, New Ways

The collaborative, iteration driven nature of Agile and DevOps means there is now an even greater need for the appropriate security and compliance to be incorporated at the right time. Implementing the right level at each stage of development is critical to progress and viability.

DevSecOps Specialists

DevSecOps is not just about implementing security tools and automation. You need to understand the business needs and risk management parameters as well as the motivations behind, risks posed by and potential impact of threats so you know what to mitigate against and when. We are DevSecOps specialists.


Whether you need PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO 27001 or all of these, built in compliance greatly reduces time and effort as well as potential exposure. Whilst compliance may be a moving target, there is no reason the fundamentals cannot be programmed in and tailored to suit.

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Astillion – DevSecOps Specialists

The biggest survival challenge for most businesses today is how to bridge the abyss between their early adopters and their early majority. Yet if they are to become the disruptor rather than the disrupted, this is exactly what they must do.

We are entering the age of the software powered business with digital transformation as the driver and there is rising boardroom pressure to exploit all this has to offer. It’s all about gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.