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Matt Smith
CTO and Co-Founder

With over 12 years of direct hands on DevOps and team leadership experience, Matt has delivered project success for many organisations. He has taken business critical projects from proof of concept, through prototype to dev and test and on to full production.

Matt’s mantra is to first make it work, then make it better and he combines an in-depth technical knowledge with strong team leadership skills, constructive challenge and a pragmatic business focus. His years of experience power a valuable technical intuition.

Matt’s biggest passions in life are Diving, Track Days, Coffee and Hobbies in General, there are not many he hasn’t tried!

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Organisations where Matt has helped deliver successful DevOps projects, prior to co-founding Astillion include:

  • British Gas (Connected Homes)
  • Alfresco
  • Barclaycard (The Logic Group)

Harry Hayden
CEO and Co-Founder

With a senior management background in large corporates as well as small specialist companies in the IT services sector, Harry has more recently held leadership roles in cyber security and DevOps. His focus has long been on technology driven cultural change.

Harry brings significant business and commercial experience to everything we do at Astillion. He has a pragmatic adaptive approach and is always looking for better ways to achieve better outcomes. He strongly believes that a happy customer is the best form of marketing.

Harry’s biggest passions in life are family, business, skiing and mountain trekking. When he’s not on the slopes, he believes in helping make good business happen; helping clients drive positive change and power towards sustainable growth.

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Organisations Harry has provided business mentoring services to, prior to co-founding Astillion include:

  • Telefonica O2 UK and Ireland
  • NEC Europe Telecommunications
  • MWR Infosecurity
  • NTA CyberSecurity

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Astillion – DevOps Specialists London

Traditional IT practices are so embedded that the tendency to revert to old ways is often stronger than the motivation to progress. A better approach uses cultural pull instead of cultural push. Read on to understand why and how.

We are entering the age of the software powered business with digital transformation as the driver and there is rising boardroom pressure to exploit all this has to offer. It’s all about gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.