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Our blogs tend to focus on topics relevant to DevOps Cloud consulting. This may be with a higher level business focus or on a more specific culture, people, teams or technologies level. We welcome any feedback on these that you may have for us.

What Differentiates the Business Disruptors?

The biggest survival challenge for most businesses today is how to bridge the abyss between the early adopters and the early majority in their organisation. Yet if they are to become the disruptor rather than the disrupted, then this is exactly what they must do.

12 DevOps Principles – Part-2

The 12 Golden DevOps Principles for Success - Part 2 A structured DevOps framework to drive continuous improvement Agile practices form the foundations for a well structured DevOps framework. Just as with Agile,...

12 DevOps Principles – Part 1

The 12 Golden DevOps Principles for Success - Part 1 Understand the business goals and prioritise DevOps according to them. The sole purpose of DevOps is to help the business thrive....

The Truth About Containers

Containers are still a buzz word today and one I think we will see die out in the not too distant future and here are my reasons for thinking that.

Testing Early in the SDLC

Testing does not need to be a tedious burden that delays releases. Building an automated framework to facilitate testing early and often in the SDLC as part of a CI/CD pipeline is working smart.

Becoming zen with prioritisation

Business priorities change, customer priorities change, team priorities change and if you cannot find a way of dealing with this you will find yourself firefighting, trying to please everyone the whole time and failing to progress.

Why Your Projects Need Force Fields Part 2

In Part 1 we looked at the opposing forces to successful and timely project delivery. In this part 2 we look at the effective force fields you can create to pave the way for a better project delivery environment.