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The Truth About Containers

Containers are still a buzz word today and one I think we will see die out in the not too distant future and here are my reasons for thinking that.

Testing Early in the SDLC

Testing does not need to be a tedious burden that delays releases. Building an automated framework to facilitate testing early and often in the SDLC as part of a CI/CD pipeline is working smart.

Becoming zen with prioritisation

Business priorities change, customer priorities change, team priorities change and if you cannot find a way of dealing with this you will find yourself firefighting, trying to please everyone the whole time and failing to progress.

Why Your Projects Need Force Fields Part 2

In Part 1 we looked at the opposing forces to successful and timely project delivery. In this part 2 we look at the effective force fields you can create to pave the way for a better project delivery environment.

Delivering on Promises

DevOps is not an exacting science with known results and timescales but more of a try something, see what happens and if it works then make it better science.

Managing BAU and Project Work Part 2

In part 1 of Managing BAU and Project Work we considered the reality of how disruptive BAU can be to project work, low and high value output DevOps cultures and how to segregate your DevOps team into functional roles.