DevOps Cloud Consultancy Specialists

Astillion is a cutting-edge DevOps and cloud consultancy. Founding directors Matt Smith and Harry Hayden both have a solid track record of helping drive progressive change and a determination to make a meaningful difference for our clients.

We want you to be happy, to say good things about us, give us a testimonial and a case study. Below are some of the ways in which we are proud to be different. We believe it’s rare to find all of these attributes in a supplier and we are happy to be held to account for them.

Collaborative Approach

We will:

  • Work hand in hand with your people
  • Openly share knowledge and learnings
  • Strive to make your teams self-sufficient

Pragmatic Honesty

We will tell you when we:

  • Believe your chosen direction is flawed
  • See an approach that is better for you
  • Suspect that you may no longer need us

Progressive Benefits

We will help you to:

  • Determine best strategy for your needs
  • Experience rapid and increasing benefit
  • Meet short, medium and long term goals

Clarity in Everything

We will be clear with what:

  • your DevOps and Cloud maturity status is
  • you need to get you where you want to be
  • we can or cannot do, likely cost and time

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Astillion – DevOps Cloud Consultancy Specialists 

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We are entering the age of the software powered business with digital transformation as the driver and there is rising boardroom pressure to exploit all this has to offer. It’s all about gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.