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“Temenos had a pressing business requirement to provide our clients with the fully automated deployment of our core banking services. Our chosen strategy involved deployment of the core banking application with Red Hat (RHEL, JBOSS) and Microsoft (MSSQL) technologies running on top of Microsoft Azure.
This was cutting new ground and we looked to Astillion to provide the specialist DevOps automation expertise. Astillion exceeded expectations, proving instrumental in helping us get from initial prototype to a proven dev and test version that has now been successfully demonstrated to several major European banks.”

Aaron Phethean
Temenos MarketPlace Director


Resource draining, error-prone manual processes are an obstacle to business scalability. Astillion are the DevOps automation specialists that help you quickly overcome this.
Many Cloud initiatives fail to deliver where strategy, skills or experience are lacking. Astillion are the Cloud adoption consultants that can help you get the best from Cloud.

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Containers are still a buzz word today and one I think we will see die out in the not too distant future and here are my reasons for thinking that.
Testing does not need to be a tedious burden that delays releases. Building an automated framework to facilitate testing early and often in the SDLC as part of a CI/CD pipeline is working smart.